15 October 2009

i am moving over to digital for awhile. in a way, it sort of excersizes a different part of my brain, or at least a different part of my creative tendencies. also, as you may notice, i am making slight changes to the look around here. with the onslaught of fall and all of it's turning and renewing, it is only proper to renew and change parts of my life. i am so excited by autumn colors these days!

i have been getting great feedback about the photos i have for sale from people in my daily life. people in particular have been interested in my double exposure series. it is great to share my art with my friends and family and coworkers, but needless to say, my etsy shop is a bit neglected. in many ways, i find in-person sales more invigorating, reassuring and sustainable. however, i hope to put more energy into my online shop soon. i have a lot of ideas and want to make a lot of changes, i just have to sit down, organize my thoughts and put them into action. we shall see what the future holds...


  1. hello there. i especially like the new banner.

  2. great pictures and welcome changes in your life!!!!!!!

  3. I like the colors of autumn... the leaves on the street....
    Lovely pictures

  4. Hello Fall!! I love your colours!!

  5. I love that second one, with all the leaves disappearing into the vanishing point - most atmospheric!

  6. hello!
    love your colors. i believe in paper and films.
    oh, i have a pair of shoes like yours!!


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