15 June 2009

it is seattle...

some pictures of places i don't habitually go in seattle:
1. downtown
2. by the boats, on the montlake cut.

i made my first batch of ice cream this weekend! well, it was actually frozen yogurt, but does it really matter? it was coffee frozen yogurt. when i tasted it, i was a bit worried about the sour yogurt mixed with the coffee, but people seemed to really love it. today i'm daydreaming about david lebovitz' cheesecake ice cream with a blueberry syrup swirl in it. or maybe these.

well, instead of sitting here listening to the birds and thinking about ice cream, i guess i better go daydream about ice cream at work....
have a great monday!


  1. i love to 'hear' you talking about these delicacies.:-)

  2. your frozen yogurt sounds so good! I thought about learning to make ice cream over the summer, but am worried I'll eat too much if I do.

  3. That's wonderful about your ice cream. I received my first ice cream maker a few months back and I'm having so much fun! I hope you make more soon!


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