17 June 2009

farmed food

we got out first CSA yesterday!! we get ours from the boistfort valley farm in chehalis, wa. today i ate the purple kohlrabi and it was crunchy and spicy. i also made a semi-pesto with basil from our garden for dinner. i chopped up a bunch of basil and swirled it around in olive oil, garlic flowers and parmesan. then i mixed in some penne pasta and put that whole thing on a huge bed of lettuce. the lettuce and garlic flowers were from the csa. i also sauteed beet tops with chopped garlic flowers. it was a very green meal, if you can imagine.

this season's deliveries will be our first summer csa. deciding to sign up was not a hard descision. i had been wanting to do a csa for awhile, but didn't feel like i had a stable place where i could consistently eat the produce. i also knew i wanted to go with boistfort valley farm both because i had worked a few farmer's markets with them so i knew they had a fantastic range of vegetables, and because they had recently been devastated by the 2007 flood, so i wanted to give them support. it was last november when i felt like i was ready. we got a large winter package of onions, potatoes and lots of roots. it was so fun and delicious, but now that the warm weather is here and the first deliveries have arrived on the doorstop of our 'drop spot,' i can't wait for flowers, berries, peas and summer squash! i hope to tell you more about it as i go

these pictures above are, obviously, not my csa. they are from the seattle tilth edible plant sale that i volunteered at a while back. imagine a huge field of plant starts: all edible, all organic and mostly diverse varieties of the usual garden vegetables. the tomatoe section was huge because of all the varieties! after awing at this beautiful sale, i ended up getting: two types of hot peppers, basil, chocolate mint, sage, edible flowers and lots of onions. yum!


  1. Yum! Your meal sounds amazing.

    Do you know if there's going to be another edible plant sale? - I'd love to go if so. Seattle Tilth is so great - I've taken my boys to a couple of their camps.

    I'm planning to make pesto tomorrow with some of our basil - don't you love this time of year?

  2. mmmmmmmmm....garlic flowers !!!!!

  3. Congratulations on your 1st CSA box! YAY!


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