21 March 2009

Welcome to the First Day of Spring!

Can you believe it? Flower buds and colors all around!
Today I was thinking about when I should plant my vegetable and flower seeds. My tulip bulbs are already in full sprout and some of the iris bulbs I put in in October are poking their heads up. I hope more reveal themselves. I need to prune my rose bush. And learn how to prune it. With the house we are in now, we inherited a nice plot of land. Mainly it is inhabited by a lot of overgrowth, but there are scattered flowers and herbs. I think there are more things there than we know and once the sun comes out, we will have some surprise visitors. That's why I don't know how to prune a rose bush--I never planted one in the first place. We also inherited dahlias and in the late summer last year I learned how to take care of those. But for now I am excited for spring plants! We cleared a big portion of the land for a vegetable garden and yet another area for wild flowers. I can't wait for arugula and onions and sweet peas and basil! Tulips and irises, lilacs, then poppies, peonies...oh! What plants are you excited about?


  1. I'm excited about starting our first garden in a couple of weeks!! Vegetables...also a couple of blueberry plants, I think.

    I was a few minutes late to Molly's reading, so unfortunately I missed your introduction.

    I would have come to see Isabel Allende despite the price - I'm sure the fundraiser was a worthy cause! Do you belong to a listserve with upcoming literary events?

  2. I know some practice-gardens where you can try your hand at pruning roses. Let me know if you are interested!

  3. To attend to a garden of flowers must be so meditative, I feel...

  4. that's fantastic! i'm at the same place, researching how to care for the things i have, how to prune things, when to plant them, etc. fun! already a few things are in bloom and sprouting and it's just incredible. this week i'm planting tomatoes and english peas and basil and a giant pumpkin and beets and i've already planted seeds for onions and chives and giant sunflowers and other things. fingers crossed that they will all sprout and grow!! good luck to you as well!


thanks for your comment! i appreciate hearing from you.