20 March 2009

Five Senses Friday II

Walking to and from the bus yesterday, I took the time to think about Friday's project. Thanks, again, to Abby for inspiring it.

the sounds of the bus:
other people's conversations, growling up a hill, brakes squeaking, the stop cord dinging, the doors opening and the cars going by outside

the feel of wind on my face, walking sown a steep hill

mmm, the taste of really good coffee

the sight of so many new things growing
the smell of thyme and parmesan in this dough (come back for the recipe next wednesday!)***
it's been so beautiful out around here: the wind, the air, the plants! i hope everyone is enjoying their surroundings, too.


  1. beautiful photos and words... that coffee looks so yummy and i love seeing all the plants popping their little selves out of the ground. can't wait for the recipe on that dough! that sounds amazing.

  2. Ooh, the coffee and croissant (perhaps it's dinner time?) look just lovely.

  3. Great five senses post! You've taken me with you into this day of yours.

  4. sounds exiting with your garden plans and the surprises in store when new plants will start to appear. i liked reading your five senses friday - the photos went really well with the words...and that coffee and croissant looks delicious!


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