06 March 2009

That Seems Nice

I'm very very tired this Friday, after a long week, and all I wish is that my kitchen sink looked like this.

But, no. That was my sink on a better day. I haven't seen those clean sink days in a while. Maybe this picture will help me remember the light and fresh feeling that comes when the kitchen sink is clean and the counters are cleared. Or maybe I'll just stay here looking at this picture and avoid going into the kitchen. That seems nice.

You know what else is nice?
Abby-whose photographs I admire so much-mentioned me in her latest post. It was because I couldn't keep my mouth closed about the negative effect of not shopping local or independent. It is a good occasion when someone appreciates those comments instead of finding them tiresome. Thanks Abby!


  1. hey i noticed that comment on abbytryagain but didn't know that "anna" was the baker's daughter anna : )
    . my sink could also do with some cleaning.... i'll look at your clean one as well

  2. Your idea of not going into the kitchen and looking at the picture instead made me laugh. And I really love it when something/somebody makes me laugh! :) I hope you are having a good weekend, a restful one.


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