02 March 2009

Bike and Pike

It's finally getting sunny out! The yellow daffodil buds are bursting and all over my yard there are small bright green shoots that have poked there heads up. I can't wait to see what they turn into! I'll have to show you their progress someday soon. For today, I am showing you pictures of a fun event that I went to last weekend. It was called Bike and Pike. Local bike maker paired with local beer maker to show off their cool selves and raise money for Food Lifeline. The best thing? The beer I got was a Double Ale named Tandem. Because "Riding tandem is double the fun..."


  1. Awww, sunshine! It's still mercelessly avoiding us over here in Holland. All of a sudden I'm having a major spring envy. :)

  2. Oh, you already have daffodils! We still have quite a lot of snow over here, but these past few days it has started to feel that we are definitely moving towards spring. Cannot wait for the snow to melt! :)


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