23 February 2009

A picture I'm working on:

What do you think of this picture? Too much black? Too little contrast? I can't quite figure out what it needs...?


  1. Things are a little too centered. Cropping half of the dark structure on the left would make it a lot more dynamic!

  2. I think the cropping should be on the right side, placing the car in a position that draws the eye in better.
    I didn't change anything else.

  3. I also think the cropping should be on the right side, accentuating the car and the building on the left - car's rear lights and lit windows in the building respectively.

  4. Thank you all for the tips. I didn't even consider cropping!
    Tom O'Brien: Hello!! I am honored to get feedback by such an amazing artist as yourself.

  5. I was going to say just the same thing about the cropping! But I like the darkness very much, Just too symmetrical as it is now.


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