18 February 2009

Ode to Elizabeth

Maybe you've wondered before what a person who does Merchandise Display for their job does when they are at home? Did you even know that was a spcific job, the setting up and display of products to make them both interesting and shopable? Why did you gravitate towards that little plate? Why did you pick up that vase? There is a special someone who devotes their day to displaying that product. I found this basket of yarn in my display-friend's house. It wasn't just her storage for craft supplies. It was on top of her mantel, with the knitting needles sticking out just so and a lovely pin attached and faced-out. Her whole house was full of these treasures. A crocheted table cloth perfectly hanging over the fridge, some lemons arranged in a unique design, little antique boxes full of shells. This is my Ode to Elizabeth.

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