31 January 2011

specks of light

from where i sit in this part of the world, i have to look closely to realize the sun is setting later and later each day. everything is very dark and wintery around here, blistering cold and a wash of gray, but little specks of light at 5pm or 5:15 remind me that things do change and spring does come.

24 January 2011

these shots are from a beautiful home i've spent a lot of time in. sometimes you take the places around you for granted. getting behind the camera helps me see my surroundings in a new light.
this week i look forward to the return of six rolls of film. six!
i also look forward to lighting candles when i get home in the evening, making a louisiana stew in my crock pot, tidying my room and playing more games of bananagrams (my new obsession).

19 January 2011

i've been spending a lot of time on these things this month. what a crazy experience to pack tightly into an airplane and ascend above the clouds, landing in a completely different place. i get a little claustrophobic and anxious, but it's pretty amazing to get to faraway places so quickly.

i'm back on my home ground for awhile now.

13 January 2011

on a rooftop in sunset park, ringing in the new year with a 360 degree view of fireworks all around, screaming and loud music from the streets below.

bulleit and speed scrabble in a loft in bushwick.

jon driving over the brooklyn bridge in a rental car the same as my own car, heading to poughkeepsie to pick up my best friend's dog.
spent a wonderful week in new york, which gave me time to think back on the year, on my life. i hope the new year is treating you well so far. one of many goals for me this year is to reconnect with this space.