19 January 2011

i've been spending a lot of time on these things this month. what a crazy experience to pack tightly into an airplane and ascend above the clouds, landing in a completely different place. i get a little claustrophobic and anxious, but it's pretty amazing to get to faraway places so quickly.

i'm back on my home ground for awhile now.


  1. That first picture is incredible! Best airplane photo ever!

  2. I agree! I feel like I am sitting in the seat, leaning on the never-quite-the-right-angle head rest built in to the top of the seat, staring at the compartments in the ceiling, waiting for take off.

  3. seriously great photos, anna! :::

  4. hang in there! u ll get used to it! where r u traveling to?

  5. that top airplane shot might be my most favorite, ever.

    it is strange, very strange, indeed.

    but what a wonder. welcome back.


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