15 November 2010

fall walks

i'd like to spend all my time looking for pretty leaves and clearing my head on crisp fall days.
i'd like to be okay with giving up some control in my life and relinquish myself to things that come and go.

how is fall treating you? 


  1. i love your photos, these are so beautiful! Autumn is my favorite season for sure, if i could i'd stop time and live in an infinite autumn! :)
    what i love most is the crisp cold air, the beautiful colors, walks and clearing my head as you said as well :) + all the yummi autumn foods, squashes and apples etc!


  2. I also love the photos. Autumn is my favorite season too, walks during autumn are so good to clear you head : )

  3. These are so nice. I'm imagining walking around in Seattle and seeing similar scenes. I wish fall wouldn't go away so soon.

    Yesterday I missed my bus stop and got off quite a ways after I meant to and was so upset.. but the more I walked the more I realized how wonderful it felt to be out in the crisp autumn air. It really is the best time for head-clearing walks : )

  4. hehe... love that squirrel decal. the light during fall is so beautiful- but sadly there never seems to be enough of it.

  5. beautiful - i can almost feel the cool crisp air there.
    it's slightly cool, but still somewhat balmy, here in FL. perfect hammock-reading weather.

  6. these are beautiful.

    autumn is treating me strangely. some things going very well and others going seriously pear-shaped. leaving me feeling rather confused.

    giving up some control sounds good, i wish i was better at that.


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