27 November 2010

cooking up a storm

i did a great amount of cooking this week, not only for thanksgiving but also for a few dinners with friends. our thanksgiving meal this year was so memorable, with lots of family and lots of homemade treats. i helped my grandma in the kitchen on thursday, roasting and basting the turkey and i made the apple and pumpkin pie the night before. it was bliss to be able to have a hand in our meal and to spend such good time with my grandma.

this weekend we are on a little 'getaway-in-the-city', house sitting for a friend on the other side of town. it is good to get some time away. hope you all are eating well and enjoying the weekend.


  1. Good to hear you did a lot of cookign, Ana. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Sounds like a perfect Thanksgiving. My favorite part of the holiday is cooking, also. The light in that top photo is so lovely!

  3. Fantastic pictures - so full of life even though no people are present!

  4. I love the light in the kitchen. Sounds like a wonderful holiday week you've had! I made my first turkey and huge meal...I was relieved it turned out and of course, J. was happy too!

  5. i love the messy kitchen! i always make a mess. glad to know i'm not the only one.

  6. That sounds so fun to go on a getaway in the city! I hope it's wonderful and gives you a new perspective on living here : )

    PS I'm so jealous of your kitchen - I wish I had a window in mine!


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