25 October 2010

apple season

apple season is winding down and this year all i was able to do was buy a bag full of apples at the market each saturday and eat them whole for afternoon snacks or cut up after dinner. no apple pie, no cobbler, crisp or cake. there's nothing wrong with an apple, straight-up: juicy, crunchy and sweet. but there is also something special about sprinkling cinnamon and sugar on them and putting them in the oven. can someone share with me their apple adventures so i can live/bake vicariously through you?

right now i can't stop exploring yak films. dance groups from across the world film videos of their dance in different spaces and upload it to yak. it's sick in the best sense of the word. i love turf feinz and the girls in ghetto blaster.

also, i came across this cool stop motion wedding. i'd like to get into stop motion one day.

this weekend i used stephanie's recipe for sweet potato biscuits, but i used leftover butternut squash in place of the potatoes. the color of these guys make me so happy.


  1. I love this first photo. for some reason, it makes me nostalgic.

    Thanks for the great links!

  2. i meant to pick apples - there are so many orchards around berlin - but i thought about it too late and the season has been short and not that good this year.

    still, i've made apple and blackberry crumble so far, and plan on making spiced apple sauce soon.

    p.s.: wonderful, wonderful apple pictures!


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