29 September 2010

good morning

*bottom photo film* 
i am not a morning person. i've always had a hard time leaving the warmth and coziness of my bed and as the days get shorter and colder, i find it even harder to get up early and get going. what i do love about mornings is the quiet. most days i start work late, after the rest of my house has been up and showered and gone. i find myself waking up to the front and back door closing as jon and my housemates venture out into the early morning work world.

i love these hours by myself. moments of perspective and solitude. i slowly get dressed, i open the curtains and make my breakfast and eat it at the table looking out at the yard. i catch up on the internet or finish a chapter in my book. i make a phone call. i put on lotion and some days makeup.
in a busy world, moments of quiet are so important. they are worth getting out of bed for.

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