10 August 2010


some shots from a few different trips to oddfellows cafe. i like their farmhouse/americana design and sort of wish my house looked more like that. we are back from a long weekend of camping and beautiful sights. it may be awhile before i get my film back, but i'm hoping for great things on those rolls. washington state is so beautiful.

tonight i'm hosting an event with new york times writer, paul greenberg. his new book, four fish, is about sustainability in fishing practices and traces the path of common fish we eat. here's a review. i usually eat more fish during the summer, so i am especially interested in hearing how i can make smart choices when buying fish.

have a good day!


  1. looks like a great spot.

  2. Bread and cheese make me a very happy girl, even in pictures.

  3. These photos are amazing! Beautiful use of light. I'd love to hear what you learn about choosing fish!

  4. I ate here in February when visiting Seattle. Helped solidify my dreams to move to Seattle. Thanks for posting this!

  5. I've only been here once but I loved it.

    I spent the last weekend in Eastern WA and I couldn't agree more with your statement that the state is beautiful. The Snoqualmie forest in particular was just breathtaking.

    I'm really intrigued to find out how I can be a better fish consumer too. Right now I just stick to only buying fish at the farmer's market because I figure its the safest bet.

  6. Cheese and honey in a very nice cafe, great trio!

  7. What a fabulous looking place to eat! I love places like that, they feel so genuine.

  8. i love these photos, they are perfect!

  9. i love oddfellows.
    i was so excited
    to discover it
    when i was home.
    it reminds me
    of surrogate hostess-
    a restaurant
    that use to be
    down on 18th & aloha
    i think...
    back in the mid-90s.

  10. I love your photography in this post!

  11. You've given me even more reasons to visit Washington! I need to jump on a train and come up to Oddfellows for sure. Thank you!


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