31 August 2010

light in my house

i'm clutching onto summer light wherever i find it. after a beautiful weekend, today is a rainy, stormy day and i'm left faced with the reality that summer--though it never really even started this year--is almost over. i have neko case's magpie to the morning on repeat, singing "don't let this faded summer pass you by."

with all my wistfulness and forlorning, i do feel like i did most of what i wanted to do this summer. we had a big party this weekend with all of our friends in our backyard. i made desserts and lit candles in bell jars when the sun went down. i picked blackberries in my grandma's front yard yesterday and boiled up peaches with water and sugar to put over yogurt all week long. here, see my progress on my summer list. i'm pretty happy with all i was able to do.

with that, september begins tomorrow and i will be here with a september list. no more whining about the end of summer. just confidence and contentment in the next changing season.
a bientot...


  1. Hi Anna!What lovely light! So great you were able cross off many items from your Summer list. What a fabulous Summer it has been. I am holding on to it too and finding it hard to believe it will be over soon. Looking forward to inspiration from your Fall list.

  2. What beautiful light here!
    I'm starting to miss summer already too, wishing it could have lasted long. I don't look forward to our upcoming rainy season, but I'm sure it will have some good times in store for me. :D

  3. I love how you think, yes yes! holding on to some more light is a lovely way to go.

  4. this is so how i'm feeling at the moment. there's change in the air...

    the light in that second photo looks very uta barth - so wonderful. happy september!

  5. great post! love the photos. and now i think i'll listen to some neko case.

  6. Love the use of "forlorn" as a verb.


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