07 July 2010

young ones

a good friend is in town with her 2-year-old and i've been able to spend a few days with them. it is so much fun to be around little kids, and it is even more amazing to be around kids whose parents are your close friends. i have a feeling i might start knowing more little ones of close friends as time goes on. we played on the slide and waded in a wading pool and had lots of laughs.

adrienne and selah, come back soon!
*p.s. that blurry photo was accidentally with my bulb setting--it turned out pretty cool.


  1. Blurs can be so awesome. I hope your summer is going beautifully!

  2. I love that age. When you can just start communicating with the child. It's magic.

  3. love that happy accident with the bulb setting!

  4. I love that slide. We rarely see such animals here anymore. They are all plastic and have super high sides now.


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