23 July 2010

summer table settings

i am looking forward to going into work today because i have a new project starting up and it involves an interview with this funny food writer and his wife, an all-star school librarian. sitting down with a recorder and interviewing someone is a first for me, so i am a bit excited, anxious, and nervous. i have a little relief because my new project includes an interview buddy, also by the name of anna. we're going to have a blast! and i'll let you know when we feature the interview.

speaking of feature, i was invited by sheri to participate in the stir's summer inspiration series, all about table settings. i had a lot of fun putting my setting together and i've really enjoyed reading about all the other table settings featured this july. go take a look, it is a great collection! (and thank you sheri)

we've got canning in the works this weekend. hope it's a good one for you.


  1. Good luck on your interview! That sounds very exciting. I love table setting post--what a great idea to discard the traditional plate and bring everything outside on a tray! I'll have to give that a try myself.

  2. those table settings are so lovely and diverse - i really like the colours and vibe of yours!

    and wishing you an excellent interview!


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