19 July 2010

summer is rushing along

sometimes it is hard for me to come back to this space after the weekend. during the week it is a place of regeneration and inspiration, but then i take a few days away and forget how to come back. i find i just have to hold my breath and dive in.

today is a black and white sort of day. i am reflective and quiet and thinking about mid-summer. i get so nervous for summer to fly by without me taking full advantage of it. but i will, and i have. my party on friday was everything i hoped it would be. lots of ladies hanging out in my back patio with good drinks (the leland palmer and hard limeade) and good fresh food. this weekend we had a day trip and a big family gathering.

i have to share with you these words i read by my friend, shari. this is just how i've been thinking lately...
summer is rushing along like the creek that runs through the center of my village. i keep meaning to stop and photograph it. the creek, that is. if only we could photograph the rushing of time.


  1. I feel the same way about summer, always worried it will slip by too fast. Sometimes then I spend more time rushing around trying to do things than spending time enjoying the season. Funny that. :)

    I'm glad you summer is going well so far.

  2. i know exactly how you feel. but the truth is, even if i don't get to do all the little things i want to, it's already been a good summer and will continue to be, so whatever else comes along is just a bonus :)

  3. i know
    what you mean
    having trouble
    coming back
    the blog space.
    that happens
    to me often.

    i am always worried
    about not
    taking full
    advantage of
    the summer.
    i dream of
    leisurely summers-
    but maybe
    i didn't choose
    the right

  4. you know what - i kind of think we do. not in in any one picture in particular, but in the many different moment we capture. altogether they show the passage of time, don't they?

    glad to hear you party was lovely!


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