13 July 2010


i don't know if i've ever experienced strawberry season so thoroughly as i have these past few weeks. it all started with a pint we got in our csa. it was full of perfect little sweet strawberries that were so beautiful one day and then turned  mushy and moldy the next. with our second delivery of strawberries, i realized the best thing to do was to not try to savor and elongate the season, but to dive full force into it and use up the 'fleeting' strawberries in every way i could. here's a few examples...

two individual strawberry cobblers and one gluten-free strawberry crisp.
straw and cherries macerating in sugar, vanilla and balsamic vinegar
early-morning strawberry hulling for a fourth of july dessert
and right before time ran out, i sliced and layered strawberries on top of foil to freeze for a later day.


  1. I had the same problem with a flat I got on Sunday. We had to consume them all by today. Copious amounts of shortcake were had.

  2. Oh my goodness can I get in on this strawberry action? Haha my mouth is watering. So far I've only had cherries! I wish my CSA included fruit!

  3. Yum, looks like you are doing some delicious things with those strawberries! I've really been enjoying farmers market strawberries this year and will never go back to buying those shipped-from-half-way-around-the-world grocery store strawberries. Fresh-picked makes all the difference.

  4. I think I have missed the end of strawberry season. There were none at my farmer's market or the local vegetable stand near where I work. I had intended to buy a bunch in bulk and freeze them but instead I will have to look forward to different fruits like watermelon and cantaloupe!

  5. Yummy yummy...god really pretty and fresh as while. love them

  6. They are amazing, aren't they? We've picked and baked and made jam - had them for breakfast, lunch & dinner...


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