30 June 2010

summer csa

it's official, our summer csa is in full swing. we got our first delivery last week and devoured every part of it by the time we picked up our second box last night. this year we are sharing our csa between four people so it is much easier to finish all the wonderful produce boistfort valley farm gives us than it was when just jon and i shared it last year. it may not sound like a big problem to have too much produce, but imagine a big head of fresh lettuce starting to wilt in your fridge because you couldn't eat salads fast enough. loosing food is never fun.

my challenge to myself is to: 1. eat all our produce before it rots 2. make some fun and new recipes with our vegetables as well as find ways to throw produce into all my basics and 3. (this one is the best) take a picture of our csa every week, in some form. i like the idea of documenting how the season slowly develops with what is ripe and harvest-able.

this week, i snapped what was left of last week's box.
feel free to email me if you have questions about community supported agriculture.


  1. hi anna! are you using the egg carton as a compost vehicle? i'm just wondering, because i was thinking that if they are compostable, and you fill one each day, and then toss them in, it might kill two birds with one stone.
    what do you think?
    also: yes! produce in the basics. one of the best parts of summer.
    best wishes. tara

  2. I so relate to this, so I bought a juicer. Now I have to DRINK my vege leftovers. Gross but good!

  3. oooo! can't wait to see all the csa pictures!

  4. great idea - I am looking forward to seeing all the variations on the theme.

  5. I need to take your advice too! We have so much food coming in our CSA I don't have time to keep up with it! I would love to hear some of your recipes too. There are a number of vegetables I've never tried and don't know how to cook :)


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