09 June 2010

sights of minneapolis: part one

the midwest is flat. i visited minneapolis for a big family gathering and we did a lot of driving to and from family affairs. we did a lot of sight seeing from highways and we of course went on a family history tour; neighborhoods different parts of my family live or have lived. i really loved seeing the horizon so far off and i loved the big expanse of sky. it was a refreshing change to my rolling hills and mountains point of view. i have gone to minneapolis often to visit my dad's family, but the more i go the more i realize i don't go often enough. it really is such a sweet place. and my family is so sweet, too.

minneapolis also has a lot of lakes and on sunday, jon and i met julia and--among other things--sat by lake calhoun for a good long while. i'll have more to share from my meet with julia tomorrow.


  1. I've never spent any real time in the Midwest and I'm dying to go. Those large expanses of sky sound amazing. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your trip!

  2. lovely pictures. from a lovely place!

  3. oh, i LOVE minneapolis! i had never thought twice about until i visited a friend there, and have gone back many times since.


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