17 June 2010

pin it forward

hello! today i am participating in pin it forward, a fun mashup up put on by sfgirlbybay and pinterest. i've had fun playing around with pinterest, but i haven't gathered nearly the amount of images that i had hoped. i'll consider this 'home tour' just the beginning.

and so, a bit of what home means to me...

cozy bed sheets and comforters, simple and classy kitchen towels, a full and organized pantry with whole foods, shelves and shelves of books, the dining room table as a centerpiece for the home, chalkboards...these are all small pieces of what makes home home. go to my pin it forward page on pinterest to see more images and the beginning stages of my pin boards.
if you are interested in pinterest, i have a few invites to pass on. let me know and i will send you one. i've enjoyed using it as a visual bookmarking tool.

for more pin it forward, check out global atelier tomorrow to see what home means to her.
image credits: 1. fog linen 2. emmersonmade's home via design*sponge 2. blissinateacup
i'll be back soon with regular posts.

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