10 May 2010

three lemons

i am excited to be a part of words to shoot by! it is a fun collaboration organized by steph parke. these lemons are my contribution to the current post. go check out the other interpretations of the word "three."

this week i have some quotes to share. things that are running around through my head and inspiring me. i'll post the first one tomorrow.

for now i will leave with a few notes from my weekend:
i am slowly falling in love with my bicycle.
we put our hot weather plants in larger containers so they can have a roomier wait on the windowsill.
i've been thinking a lot about worm bins--anyone have experience with them?
have you heard the new joanna newsom album? she's so good.
cooking with the windows open is an amazing thing.


  1. love this photo project. gorgeous snapshots.

    xo Alison

    p.s. the new joanna newsom is wonderful :)

  2. I love this blog. So glad that you are a part of it :)

  3. so many happy things! bike love, lemons, and joanna newsom! hooray!

  4. ah, these lemon shots are right up my street! :)

    and cooking with the window open - i hope i'll be able to do that soon. it's still so cold here.


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