12 May 2010

the next exquisite moment

 trying to be thoughtful in the first brights of dawn

i am thinking, or trying to think, about all the imponderables
for which we have no answers
yet endless interest all the range of our lives

and it's good for the head, no doubt,
to undertake such meditation
mystery, after all, is a god's other name
and deserves our considerations surely, but

but, excuse me now please
it's morning, heavenly bright
and my irrepressible heart begs me 
to hurry on into the next exquisite moment

--mary oliver, many miles

*transcribed from audio, so i don't know the correct punctuation or spacing


  1. love mary oliver + your blog! xo!

  2. These are exceptional photographs. Beautiful!

  3. wonderfully captured.

    love the idea of hurrying to the next exquisite moment.

  4. beautiful photos! Keep these portraits coming, please! : )

  5. What beautiful words! I always love the quotes and bits of lyrics you post. Especially when they are combined with your beautiful images.


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