22 April 2010

you're the best

thank you!!
thank you for all those amazing links--most of which were new to me. i really needed that boost. tonight i am so so excited because one of my best friends is coming into town to stay with me for a week. we have so much to catch up on and lots of lazing around in the sun, coffee drinking and long walks to take. i think i'm even going to take her to this wonderful place. and here and if she's lucky, here, too.

i am going to take a long weekend and won't be back here until tuesday. you can keep up with me here, though. enjoy yourselves. and really, thank you for sharing all those links with me. i knew i just needed to ask.


  1. Oh have fun with your friend! I really need to save up and give Delancy a try. It sounds incredible!

  2. oh, molly moon's... have a bit of that lemon curd on something, on my behalf, would you? enjoy your dear friend!

  3. so lucky to have you in my life. you make me feel whole and beautiful. love you!



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