09 April 2010

a photo walk

a photo walk. a peek down an alley. bright sun, intense shadows. an installation. recycled bottles hanging. waste not, they spell. a friend, new shoes. the sun.

a bit of an update: i am pulling down the shutters of my shop for awhile. i need a little breather room to decide how i want to continue with my photography and i just feel bad advertising my shop without putting energy into it. that being said, for now i am not removing items from it. the page will stay the same until i decide my next step. thanks for all your support out there.

happy friday!


  1. How lovely! What a cool installation. Where was this?

    Hope you have a good weekend!

  2. I love this installation! I talked to one of the guys who helped put it up for the art walk a few months ago. Such a great idea.

  3. I love the 3rd shot.
    Gorgeous pictures, love!

  4. What a cool installation! These pictures are really soft and pretty too. Enjoy the breathing room for a while, I'm sure that once you have you'll be able to keep up your shop with more energy : )

  5. Loved the first shot! Do you develop the day of? I've been meaning to use my film cameras but am confronted with the price issues :[

  6. i love this installation and the way you captured the light.

    and now i'm thinking it would be fun to go on a photo walk with a friend...


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