12 March 2010

light and shadows

these pictures: the sun in the perfect part of the sky, a building with windows slanted just so, a turn down the right street.

do you have plans for the weekend? i plan to meet a new friend for drinks, make a chocolaty treat to share, go to a secret cafe fundraiser, read a lot, and...(drumroll)...get a new lens! i'm crossing my fingers for some good light again, seattle has been pretty dreary this week.



  1. I heart the 2nd photograph a lot! Such a clever idea to capture.

  2. Ooh that sounds like a fun weekend !!
    I'm going to a potluck tomorrow but haven't decided what to bring! Any suggestions?!

  3. ^that was by Allison at urbanresearch.wordpress.com btw, I don't know why it said anonymous!

  4. I love shadows, these are so great !!!


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