15 February 2010

february 15

today i had very good luck with picture developing. i dropped off a negative to print for a friends' birthday and my photo lab said it would done in 20 minutes. i also dropped off 3 rolls of film at the drug store and actually had time to pick it up after the promised hour. usually it has to sit for a day or two waiting for me. also, this fabulous lady let me borrow this fabulous polaroid and i took my first photo with it! it wasn't great, but it made me very giddy and excited. the thing i love about polaroid is that you can see your image right after you take it. that way, if you are doing something wrong you know right away, before you use up a whole roll of film. good luck getting your camera back, a.

i am poking around at getting an additional lens for my pentax, but don't really know where to start. any advice? your favorite focal lengths? (wow, that is a really dorky sentence). thanks!


  1. I am about to buy a polaroid myself! Was that one great? Is the picture square or not?

  2. I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to see what you come up with.

  3. good luck indeed~ and yaaaaay for polaroids!

  4. polaroids
    are my
    very favorite.
    i am so glad
    i nabbed a
    a while back
    because i son't
    think i could
    afford one
    i LOVE it.

    i like wide-angle
    the lower the
    number the better...
    but i heart

  5. oh how fun! i love instant film. it makes me giddy too. do you have a 50mm lens? i love those. :::

  6. Great pictures. I found you by clicking on next blog. It is great. So many blogs so many differant interest.

  7. David promised to get me a polaroid camera on my birthday. I'm anxiously waiting....and waiting!!!


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