27 February 2010

chicken 'n waffles

a few weekends ago, some coworkers and i gathered together for a chicken and waffles brunch at the kingfish cafe. the poor cooks didn't know what hit them when a table of 7 ordered a plate of chicken n' waffles for each person! 

have you ever had this brilliant combination? some people purposefully separate their chicken and their waffle on the plate and eat one, then the other. but i think it's meant to all squish up next to each other, or on top of each other. the sweet maple syrup mixes up with the crunchy and salty chicken. there are chicken pieces in your waffle bites. it is great. and it is definitely an occasion. so, i suggest you gather some friends, make a date and find the closest place that serves chicken 'n waffles. you won't regret it.

happy saturday!


  1. i've always wanted to try it. i love honey on fried chicken, so i imagine i'd be a fan of this combination.

  2. i never had it, but you totally sold the idea to me :)

  3. oh my. OH MY. looks so delicious.

  4. i always order this blissful combination, when i am in atlanta. gladys knight has a place called, gladys and ron's c&w. swoon!
    when i make this at home, it is the perfect syrup that makes this dish, so glorious.
    i adore this post!

  5. never had it.
    but i
    the kingfish.
    use to live
    inn 17th and aloha.
    seems like
    a century

  6. I've always want to try it! I ordered it once but their waffle iron got stuck and burnt the waffle to a crisp, so they encouraged me to order something else!

  7. there is one restaurant that serves this combination! I thought it was totally weird at first too, but it was so yummy!


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