08 January 2010

8. jen korff

(photos courtesy of sophik)

jen korff, otherwise known as sophik, is a photographer and illustrator based out of chicago, il. she shoots with a mamiya, a yashica, polaroids, and a holga--among others. i admire her ability to switch between so many different cameras and yet maintain a very consistent style. i also love that she uses the same yashica as me--the yashica electro 35gsn! thanks for sharing your thoughts, jen.

what are you looking forward to, both personally and creatively, in the coming year? 

"Spotting the beautiful blue moon this new years eve, on the most perfect of clear nights seemed such an auspicious start.  My studio heads into this new year with a handful of new, exciting projects in the works which has kept me incredibly busy lately. Much of the work that I do in my studio is illustration work, so along with photography, you can expect to see me reveal a bit more illustrations, too. I am anxious to see where my creative pursuits take me this year. I am really looking forward to doing a bit of traveling this year as well."


  1. When I finally write my book, the last picture would be the perfect cover for it. :] I love your work!

  2. oh yes, she IS good. Love the look of the veggies (sweet potatoes?) yummy!
    nice post!



  3. these photos are just beautiful.


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