31 December 2009

the year in reflection september-december

looking back at 2009, in pictures.
fall to winter:
a photo show at blue saucer cafe, a trip to the boistfort valley farm, meeting new friends and sharing an amazing meal at delancey, many walks through the fall leaves, a pentax k1000, the first frost, gingerbread, apples and winter celebrations.

happy new year to you. may this year (and decade!) be filled with much joy, health, laughter, peace, and inspiration. and, always, thank you for visiting me in this space. your sweet comments bring me little bursts of joy everyday.


  1. right back at you! warm wishes anna!

  2. Beautiful Stellar Imagery!

    I want to walk into all of these photographs, and since they are so clear I am absolutely positive I could;)

    See you in the wind!


thanks for your comment! i appreciate hearing from you.