17 November 2009

pentax week: day 2 (corners of my house)

more from my new pentax k1000! above is an awesome lage format camera my dad gave me. i've only used it as display, but a beautiful framed irish countryscape that he took with that exact camera hangs snuggly above it. i like the idea of displaying a picture next to the camera it was taken with.

and below are our fall gourdes. aren't they cute?
today i am home sick. i'm in bed with a box of kleenex and some homemade vegetable broth. i hope it goes away soon.
have a good day.


  1. You're rocking the Pentax! Hope you feel better soon.

  2. oh that yummy camera! is it working? can you use it? you totally should!

  3. Great camera, l like the gourds. Feel better soon!

  4. Oh, feel better soon!
    I love that one with the gourds. Love it.


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