09 November 2009

black & white yashica: 1

i'm a little embarrassed. i shot a whole roll of film in my yashica, thinking it was color. i went to the park, took pictures of the auburn and orange and yellow leaves, shot a great vintage car with a rich green color...all for me to show up at my friendly photo lab and hear them say "did you say color? we are 99% sure this is black and white film." hah!

so an adventure in black and white it is. i showed you some of my holga black and white experiments, but i hadn't yet breached the 35mm b&w realm...at least i hadn't knowingly taken that step. but here i am with 36 developped b&w images. and, you know, some of them are quite good. i think i'll have to show you them throughout the week.

and hey---aren't unexpected moments like these part of the reason i shoot film, anyway?


  1. Beautiful new banner!
    I love the first two pictures and they work very well in B&W!

  2. Beautiful set! I love black & white and it fits the mood of these nicely.


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