07 October 2009

my first black and white roll

hello there. just stopping in while i have a chance. i am cleaning out my old house and taking advantage of the free internet while i do so. these photos are crazy, right? so my first black and white roll that i put into the holga was also the first roll where my holga started to break down. if any of you out there know about medium format plastic camera photography, you will understand when i say--i saw the foam roll by in the advancing window. and when i was done with the roll, the foam (you know, that backs the spool where you put the 120 film?) from both sides of the camera was rolled up into the film! my lovely local professional photography lab, panda lab, saved the day and unwound my film in a light sealed space to retrieve the foam. surprisingly, this is the worst of what came out. it could have been completly exposed to light. oh, how i love you film.

beyond the weird light leaks, i don't quite know what to say about this roll. i have to admit, that i know nothing about black and white photography. my dad would look at the tonalities and i know that the tones are pretty dull and there isn't much contrast, but i thought it is best to post them as is. as a diary of my first black and white roll.


p.s. thanks for all the comments on "a nice day," i am so excited to meet some of you new people and to see people who haven't commented here before.


  1. black and white is difficult!! great pics!! i like themvery much!
    good luck with the move!!

  2. What are those clock numbers in the tree? sorry, my technical english is not so good!

  3. I am not the best critic here, because I pretty much love all the black and white.
    You could always use some contrast while shooting B&W. Also, try to picture things that way when you are looking through the viewfinder. And think that it is all about light.
    I love the holga pictures!

  4. they look as if something weird is gonna happen:-)
    i love them despite the imperfections.
    Don't know anything about camera's, so what you were talking about sounded mumbo jumbo to me:-)

  5. I really like the picture of the leaves!!!
    I agree black&white is hard to figure out ;-). Though I fell like I'm beginning to understand the use of contrast and light more after going to the darkroom. I'd really like to try and process a 120 film roll, I just need to get myself together and shoot some with my Holga (sadly we are not the best of friends)

  6. I'm not sure if you could duplicate the feeling in these photos but this is exactly what i'm thinking about the band photos. Oh and i'll call you later about this...but we found an awesome roof in the sodo district that would be awesomer than our muggy old basement. Love your work! Love you.


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