14 September 2009

my first flickr faves + holding on to the ocean

more ocean.
through other people's lenses.
i can't get enough.

remembering by lecia/a day that is dessert

rehab by johannacarlsson

untitled by Pwsteal.Ldpinch.D*

hawaii by noddyboom

check these ones out, too:
untitled by maplesyruponly
polaroids + canon beach = magic by Citrushearts

replies to shocks of good:
alexandria: let me know if you end up reading it, we can chat!
jane, at swim-two-birds, montague: i hope you find the book and enjoy it.
marion: thank you, double exposures + holgas = awesome!
replies to coast:
the southern hostess: thank you. i love that calm, too. i want to be there now.
ida: thanks for the good wishes. i will try to come back here and to all my friend's blogs to stay calm and find beauty.


  1. gorgeous post. thanks for sharing my photo. i've been so busy! can't wait for a few hours to sit here and browse. it's such a lovely place to be!

  2. Thank you for this lovely post Anna, and for sharing my photo! xo

  3. stunning photos! i love the beach, and beautiful beach photos are the next best thing :)

  4. These are all gorgeous. There's just something special about the ocean caught with a film camera!

  5. oh that´s wonderful. thank you so very mutch for posting my photo :) your blog is super awesome!



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