25 June 2009

blown glass

the woman who lived in our little house before us was a glass maker. we found this contraption and put it back into use. isn't it pretty?
(for a better quality video, go here)

turns out my holga shots of the solstice parade weren't as fabulous as i had hoped. oh well. i'm glad the 35mm turned out nice and there are some digital ones that my friend jaala took, too.

i'm so glad it's friday! any plans for the weekend?


  1. TGIF! Looking forward to a quiet weekend. xo

  2. Anna, the whisper of the wind in your video is convincing me to take it slowly, no matter how busy things seem to be getting at the moment...That and a wonderful Saturday afternoon I spent with my friends rustic baking breads. :)

  3. I meant 'baking rustic breads'. It is hot and humid in Amsterdam these days, which claims on my ability to speak coherently. :)

  4. i love the video. the fliker is better but the sounds is great! thanks for sharing.

  5. wow. that's beautiful. my mom just started taking glass blowing classes. she loves it! how lucky that was left behind for you to enjoy. and thank you for sharing it with us! take care *


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