06 April 2009

this time again

three years ago...has it already been three years? three years ago today, i landed in paris. or maybe it was three years ago today that i took a flight to paris. i don't know anymore, but april 6th is important because three years ago on april 6 i went to paris. i always get so nostalgic this time of year. so yearning for my short-lived parisienne life. spring time in paris. french. strong espresso, chausson aux pommes. cobblestones. lots and lots of cobblestones. it seemed like there were people playing music on the streets. maybe guitar. maybe that was just something i saw in la vie en rose and i transfused it into my own memory. i'm okay with that.

i lived in france for 3 months and in paris for 1. one whole month in a little parisienne apartment off of rue mouffetard in the quartier latin. the spring reminds me of everything paris. the jardin du luxembourg, galettes on the street, kebab, metro escalators rising into the fresh air and descending underground, into another whole and vibrant paris. the steep steps of montmartre and the little antique boutiques. african music at satellit cafe. museums, museums, museums. being alone, being with people, hunting for food, walking forever. getting lost, knowing exactly where you are. little bookshops. good literature: rimbaud, baudelaire, vistor hugo, breton, senghor. oh, everything! oh, paris!

i thought i would drudge up some pictures from the vaults to celebrate my memory. i only hope these wont be the only pictures i ever have of paris...

and these fabulous posts helped remind me even more : bloom, grow, love + godful food

have you been to paris? what do you love/miss most? your favorite food you had there? your favorite arrondisement?


  1. Wonderful idea, celebrating your experience by posting some of your photos. I've never been to Paris - we are planning a trip to France next summer. My husband lived there for a year.

  2. Anna, your beautiful post sounds like a poem in prose. Oh Paris! :) I feel so emotive...

  3. you really have a way with writing anna! it just flows : ) i have been to paris a couple of times and really like it. no fav's but the atmosphere and feel of paris i miss. sounds like you need to go pack soon/at some point an reexperience the city. must have been great to live there a month. it's always a whole different experience when you stay somewhere for longer and get to feel the everydayness of the city.

  4. ups wrote "pack soon" meant "back soon" hehe fun typing error

  5. This whole post made me super jealous I LOVED it!

  6. i miss paris too. i lived there for 9 months my second year of college. it was glorious. i can't wait to one day take my family there and practice speaking the language again and eat the yummy pastries and those sandwiches you can buy from the street vendors that are just amazing and i want to just look at everything. look at all the architecture and the people and just drink it in. sigh. thanks for bringing the good memories back again!


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