20 April 2009

inspired photo 2

hello. take a look over at my inspired photo section. over there. to your right. this week it is a picture of brian ferry's from his blog, the blue hour. it is brooklyn in the morning...or was it evening? you'll have to click on the link to find out. either way, the photo really left me breathless. i think it portrays the dim industrial side of brooklyn really well, but it also shows the beauty and intensity of the borough. my profile picture is similar. it was taken in brooklyn, as well. makes me want to go back!

also, i think i'm going to take a break from a header photo. not forever. i just need a fresh start.

i just had an amazing dinner, which i can't wait to share with you on wednesday. here is a hint: it starts with smoked salmon, ends with white rice and has creme fraiche and freshly picked chives in the middle. mmmm...

happy monday.


  1. Happy monday Anna! I love Brian's blog too. Can't wait to see the details of that meal!

  2. i like the inspired photo section! and actually, the blog looks nice without a header. it makes all your other photos stand out, somehow. simple. i like it. happy monday...

  3. I love these subtle changes on your blog. And I agree with tifanie on a header -- without it your blog looks even more elegant than it was.

  4. thanks so much! that photo is one of my favorites right now, too.


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