13 April 2009

bookshop love

my friend sent me this great link of interesting bookstores of the world.
i've only been to one of these bookstores (shakespeare and co. see photo above) but maybe i should start a checklist and go see them all!

take a look:
Most Interesting Bookstores of the World

don't you love the look of so many books cramped together in interesting patterns and shapes? i love how some of the walls of these stores are curved and the stacks curve right along with them.

what's your favorite bookstore?
any cool bookshelf photos?


  1. that is a really interesting link!! favorite bookstores: I really like Elliot Bay, and the one in Fremont - Fremont Place Books maybe? I have a post from a long time ago called "unsorted books" where I photographed my bookshelves:


  2. The Art Nouveau bookstore in Portugal is amazing!
    I guess my favorite is Elliott Bay. Also, I especially love used bookstores like Magus or Twice Sold Tales. I can spend hours in a bookstore, slowly wandering around. (even better if I have coffee)

  3. I love the musky smell of old books in libraries as much as the smell of ink of newly-printed pages in book stores.

    I did not know that there is such a glorios book store in Maastricht, Holland. I think the sight of it alone is well worth spending roughly three hours on train to get there from Amsterdam. Huh? :)


thanks for your comment! i appreciate hearing from you.