30 March 2009

So Much to Share

Hello! I got back from the farm yesterday and had such a wonderful time. I have so many things to share with you so I'll start from the start and keep adding throughout the week. I hope you all had a nice weekend.

1. on the ferry friday evening. i had to wait an hour to get on, but there was still light for me to look at the sound out the window.
2. plant starts. i couldn't help taking many pictures of these, maybe the others will pop up later.
3. homemade apple wine.
4. plant cuttings taking root and fresh daffodils.


  1. I love a photo of the ferry with paintings' reflections in it. Looks so unusual as if the paintings are suspended in the air. And dove-grey colour adds up an elusive character too. Again - I love it!

  2. i like the ferry photo, very dreamy and look forward to see the photos from your trip : )

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  4. can my farm and i get a little shoutout??

  5. We're planning to plant a garden soon, for the first time. I've bought seeds; wonder if I should have started them indoors first/already?


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