07 December 2008

My Fairy Tales

I just finished this book. Unfortunately, it is not yet available in stores. See, in my line of business, I get to read books before they are published in order to: a) promote them, b) sell them well, and c) support my claim of being "bookish." Granted, I haven't been in this line of business for too long, but even so, I've already started adapting to the determination it requires to reading books before anyone else can.

It might seem unfair to bring up a book that you can't rush out and buy after you read my rave review on it, but don't worry. My plan is to hype it up so much that on January 8th local independent bookstores will be flooded with people pushing each other over as if it were December 24th at 4:00pm and they only have an hour to buy their most beloved that special last minute ill-conceived gift. The fiction buyer won't know what hit her when the ten books she ordered of Tiffany Baker's The Little Giant of Aberdeen County sells out by noon on the 8th of January. Who knew that this first novelist would garner so much regard before anyone in the general population read the book? Who knew?

Well, maybe things wont happen exactly that way. This blog might not have the readership I indulge myself in believing it could have. And, most honestly, I don't think this book is for everyone. It is, however, a great book. I loved it for it's fairy tale aspects. Almost magical realism, without the cultural underpinnings. Mainly, it is a story of a small town with an out-of-place main character. It tackles life and death,self-esteem and self-conception. The biggest reason I attached to the novel was because the last half of the book was centered around herbal remedies and gardening. I loved the reverence Tiffany Baker paid to the beauty of the plant world. For an escape from our high-tech, global age, The Little Giant of Aberdeen County is a beautiful folk tale.

If, indeed, I did sell you on this book, please go here or here. Or, to show that there are many independent, non-Amazon/Barnes&Nobles bookstores, which allow you to support your local economy and reward bookstores with dignity*, please stroll by here. Let me know what you think!

*There are many more independent bookstores than you think and most of them can get any book that you want. If you have questions about finding the right place to shop or the benefits of supporting indies, please let me know.

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  1. Dear Anna,

    My name is Anna, and I'm writing to you from the other side of the pond. :) I ran into your blog, and really think it is so lovely! Keep it up!!

    If interested (I dare cherish the thought), you can find me on www.godfulfood.blogspot.com


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