23 May 2011

over the weekend we put up a stake system for our fast-growing peas. it's very beautiful and--with the help of jon's expertise--structurally sound.  i helped wrap the twine. i can't wait for these bad boys to be producing. all i want is to munch on crisp snow peas in the afternoon or to sautee plump snap peas for dinner. they are still a bit too expensive at the food co-op, so i'll have to wait patiently for the harvest.

in the meantime--pea shoots. any good recipes? so far, i'm just adding them to my normal kale sautee.


  1. my mum used to grow snow peas when i was a kid. i would spend ages picking and eating them, i remember my brothers friends thought this was weird and i couldn't understand why. we don't grow them anymore, shame. i hope yours pop up happy and healthy!

  2. oh, peas! love them. the ones in our garden are supported by old twigs found by the wayside, but seeing your construction, i think we might need some string or wire, too.


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