06 October 2010

two belle's buns to share.

this week is packed with good stuff. tonight a good friend of mine is reading parts of her fiction-in-progress at a neighborhood library. funny, i got the evening off from work (where i would be hosting a book reading) in order to attend a reading. i'm not really that one dimensional, i swear.
at work, we have late nights with david rakoff, robert reich and more.

i'm gathering negatives from new photos of mine that i like and making an installation to participate in a friend's art show and silent auction.

are you participating in the 350.org global work party on sunday? it is a powerful project and i'm still thinking up ideas of what to do.

that's all for now. hope some sweet treats make it your way.


  1. That Global Work Party sounds so cool! I hadn't heard about it so I will have to start thinking of ideas too. Thanks for sharing the idea!

  2. yum.
    i could go
    for some sweets right now.
    i really should go
    to more book readings.
    don't have an excuse,
    i live above a bookstore.
    bad gwen.


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