06 September 2010

this weekend i've been doing a lot of catch-up reading on books i wanted to finish over the summer. i read through the art of the story, edited by david halpern, which features some of today's greatest writers from all over the world. reading through that anthology helped me get a taste for some people's work i haven't had a chance to read (margaret atwood, raymond carver, t.c. boyle, lydia davis) and it also pointed me to work by some of my favorites that i'd never seen before (edwidge danticat, patrick chamoiseau, colum mccann).

i finished the last in the hunger games series. have you followed some of the craze over it? yeah, it's pretty addicting and the perfect example of book candy.

now i'm onto a short story collection by aleksandar hemon. his earlier novel lazarus project hit me so hard and i have a feeling the stories in love and obstacles will do the same. (bonus, lazarus project has amazing photographs by velibor bozovic scattered through it).

anyway, books are on the mind. i'm eager to meet more inspiring authors this fall and hopefully share with you some things i've gleaned.


  1. I went on vacation and toured with you and had a ball. I should leave a comment on each post, but not enough time.

    I love your photos and fresh, evocative words.

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  2. Beautiful photos! These books sound so interesting! I'm going to look them up.

  3. oh i'm dying to start the hunger games series. right now i'm in the middle of the "uglies" series and after that i'll move to book two in "the girl with the dragon tattoo". have you read either of those? so many fun things to read. gorgeous photos. xx


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