18 April 2009

it's done!
my big poetry reading went really well and i can't tell you how glad i am to have it completed. i'm not really sad to have it over or nostalgic, yet. i'm just happy and relieved. it's done!

thank you for your well wishes.


today i am volunteering at the fabest (that's a word now, you know?) fundraiser in town.
local chefs come and donate their food and time all for the sake of art. and when i'm done signing people in, i get to eat their food! check it out.


also, i've got a new camera (!) pretty soon i will figure out how to upload the photos i've been experimenting with. can't wait. does anyone have a cannon g10? thoughts or special tricks to share?

have a great weekend and i hope it is sunny for you, wherever you are.


  1. Congrats on the camera! I'm anxious to see your new creations!

    Today I made rhubarb compote to your recipe - I loved every slurpy bit of it. :) (I added a modicum of crushed lavander seeds to it; cannot do without tinkering. This compote, though, does not really need any tinkering.)

  2. hey congratulations on a successful poetry reading! and the new camera - i look forward to see your experiments : )

  3. congrats! that's a great camera. very user friendly. have you played in the scn area yet? kinda fun.

    still haven't found rhubarb...

  4. WHAT! You got a new camera without telling your mother! You must think she is like a vulture sweeping in to try to get your old one. Not a bad surmise!


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