01 July 2010


happy july! maybe i say this every month, but july sure came quick. i'm a little nervous to run head on into summer (could be because summer weather is slow coming this year), but i'm also excited for all our summer plans that seem to be coming together nicely.

instead of a july list this month, i am going to write a summer list. of course, later in the summer i'll have to update the list because there is always more to fit in.

this summer i want to...
harvest and eat everything i grow (well, i got a little lazy on the harvest in the end. brocolli went too long in the sun and came out bitter. there are still more potatoes in the ground)
sleep in a tent
go on a long car ride
swim (does going on a boat and putting my feet in water count?)
lay in a grassy field (greenlake, i love you)
read on my porch
have cocktails in our backyard
try new recipes
cook seasonal food simply
freeze surplus produce (blueberries, apricots, strawberries. check.)
bake strawberries, bake peaches, bake blackberries
can and pickle
pick huckleberries
go on bike rides
frequent the farmer's market
make ice cream and sorbet
tomatoes! (keep 'em coming!)

eat outside
enjoy friends
enjoy family
commute by bus, foot or bike more often
wear shorts and skirts and sandals
wear sunscreen
see the ocean
watch august sunsets

...wow, that could go on forever.
any plans for you this summer? leave them in the comments or leave a link to your post about it.

p.s. picture is of our edible flowers, i threw them in a delicious salad!


  1. I love your list, Anna! I've never made a summer list before, but now I'm thinking I might start. xo

  2. Your list sounds excellent, the whole darn thing.

  3. I told my teens to make summer lists this year - I told them to throw it all out there... I look forward to reading what they think summer holds forth.

  4. Denmark, strawberries, looong balmy evenings and mosquitos. :-)

  5. just soak summer in like there's no tomorrow, never take it for granted and be grateful for every summery smell/flavour/sensation that comes my way (it was a long bitter winter this year ;)

  6. What a fabulous sounding list, it sounds very similar to my own ideas for summer. :)

  7. So many of your things on your list are on my (mental) list as well! Eat seasonally, freeze surplus berries, cook simply. I may go over to my little blog and make my own list and link back to you! Thanks for inspiring!

  8. Just an update--I made my summer list and linked back to you. Thanks for inspiring!


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